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I am a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School.

I received my PhD in Organizational Behavior (OB) from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Before pursing my PhD in OB, I have experience in Biomedical Science for about 10 years.

It is quite a fantastic journey that I transitioned from my previous career in Biomedical Science to the current one in Organizational Behavior. The moment that triggered the transition was when I realized that the process and engine behind all kinds of scientific advancement and creativity are human behaviors. Then I started to be passionate about how human behaviors and social processes drive the advancement of science and technology. I found that social networks, leadership and teamwork to be useful lens to study them.

Although I see myself as a student of social networks, I am interested in applying social network theory and analysis to study complex organizational phenomena, including leadership and creativity. Specifically, I aim to understand how individual and team characteristics impact leadership emergence within and between teams, and how leadership and networks influence individual and team creativity.

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